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The General Budget Department held a workshop on program reviews and evaluations on Tuesday, February 25, 2014, in Amman, as part of its efforts to develop a government-wide performance monitoring, review and evaluation system to advance fiscal reforms, particularly results-oriented budgeting, which ensures that available resources are efficiently and effectively utilized to achieve the best results.

Held in collaboration with the USAID-funded Jordan Fiscal Reform Project II, the workshop was attended by GBD managers and analysts, as well as representatives of government agencies involved in the pilot implementation of the MRE system.

The workshop tackled a number of issues including budget drivers, which are analytical tools that enable allocation decisions to be based on performance. It also aimed at enhancing the skills and capacities of budget analysts and explained specific MRE, and KPI audit. During the workshop, analysts suggested changes to programs.

The workshop concluded with a presentation describing a program review model, and a discussion of the different sources of program-related information.