Cooperation with the USAID-funded Jordan Fiscal Reform Project II

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Cooperation between the General Budget Department (GBD) and USAID- Fiscal Reform II Project (FRP II ) started in 2009.  Since then, the Project, though the Public Financial Management Team, has been providing technical assistance to the Department to strengthen governmental reform procedures in public finance management in general, and achieve the following objectives in particular:

  • Result-oriented budgeting (RoB) knowledge and applications deepened throughout the Government of Jordan.
  • Budget legal framework refined.
  • Budget format and reporting refined.
  • Budget and performance data used to ensure accountability.
  • Human and institutional capacities strengthened at the General Budget Department.
  • General Budget Department scores more competitively in competition for King Abdullah II Award for Government Excellence and Transparency.

The Project has set an example for success in improving budget preparation and execution practices; upgrading analytical and technical capacities of GBD staff; scoring more competitively in King Abdullah Award for Government Excellence and Transparency; enhancing budget transparency; and improving budget evaluation done by donors.

The Project has conducted several trainings and workshops on RoB to several ministries and government departments, focusing on the development and revision of key performance indicators (KPIs).  The Project has also provided GBD with technical assistance regarding the revision of budget forms, development of two proposed Organic Budget Law drafts, and preparation of the Budget Manual and issue papers.  In addition, the Project assisted the Department in the initiation and publishing of the Budget in Brief (BIB) and Citizen’s Guide (CG) in the first year of the project’s lifetime.  The Department has adopted the preparation and publishing of the BIB and CG since then.   Further, the project has been working on building the capacities of GBD employees in several areas, such as: training skills, excellence forms, institutional development, and English Language.

In the fifth year, the Project is helping the General Budget Department in the following areas: Initiation of a performance monitoring and evaluation system, working with three pilot ministries and departments; Budget Manual revision; and development of the budget handbook that will be distributed to ministries, departments, and government units.   In addition, the Project is committed to continue its support in building GBD capacities as requested, such as intuitional development, budget fiscal analysis, translation and interpreting, and English Language.

Training Course in:-

Key Performance Indicators. Public Expenditure Perspectives.

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