A Message from the Director General

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Stemming from His Majesty’s King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein vision for socio-economic development through the use of information and communications technology and facilitate easy access to government services and information from anywhere, regardless of their economic situation and technical abilities, along with our understanding and desire to use the outputs of information and communications technology to enhance service provision to line ministries, as well as employees and anyone who wishes to find accurate information easily and swiftly, we have launched the General Budget Department’s website as part of our plan to enhance and improve the provided services.

Through the website we aim to have real value added to what we already have, believing in the need to use the multiple capabilities of information and communications technology to increase the Department’s ability in providing information and services easily and swiftly in less time and effort. We also seek to achieve excellence and improve the efficiency of administrative work and performance quality, which adheres to the requirements of the e-government project to keep abreast with all the technological evolution and execute more work through interactive services.

This all comes as part of His Majesty’s directives and aspirations to provide better services to citizens electronically, improve resources’ efficiency and performance, and provide accurate and updated information, in addition to facilitating easy exchange of information between government departments, improving information security, save time, effort and money, and improve transparency, monitoring processes and performance.

Launching the Department’s website that contains new content in a new design, represents a step towards keeping abreast with current developments that the government seeks to achieve through e-government. The website also comes as a means to provide information for line ministries.

Through the vision, mission and strategic plan of the Department along with its strategic objectives that are linked with the national objectives, we note that GBD seeks to achieve these objectives starting with the issuance of the General Budget Law and the Government Units’ Budgets Law along with the ministries’ and government units/ departments’ manpower tables and present them on the website. The Department also aims to publish the used formats, so that users can have access to them and use them electronically.

The website also contains a number of windows that identify the components of the Department, its establishment, organizational structure as well as a window highlighting GBD’s participation in King Abdullah II Award for Excellence as well as other windows that provide information for the ministries and government departments/ units saving time, effort and money.

The website still needs constant update and information to be added to it, in order to have an integrated website that offers the information you need and excellent service.

We hope that the website will become a method to raise awareness and a bridge to connect and communicate with those interested in financial and economic matters.

Director General of the General Budget Department

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