GBD tasks and Duties

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The Budget Organic Law and Government Units’ Budgets No. (13) of 2021, identifies the functions and powers of the General Budget Department which included the following:
  • Preparation of a detailed statement of the necessary processes and procedures for the preparation and approval of the General Budget Law and the Government Units' Budget Law and the entity responsible for its implementation and the time specified therein, as set out in the timetable for the stages of preparation of the budget supplementary to this law.
  • Allocate funds for the implementation of public policy in accordance with the priorities and in a way to achieve the distribution of development benefits and gains across all the Kingdom's governorates.
  • Preparation and submission of the Draft General Budget Law and the Draft Government Units’ Budgets Law to the Council of Ministers. 
  • Preparation of Manpower Bylaw for Ministries, Government Departments and Units in coordination with the Civil Service Bureau and the relevant official bodies in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.
  • Defining ceilings of governorates' budgets and supplying the governorates with the ceilings to prepare and approve their draft budgets in accordance with these ceilings, for inclusion in the budget of the chapters according to competence in the General Budget Law in accordance with the procedures for the preparation of the general budget.
  • Follow up on the evaluation of the performance of the programs, projects and activities of the chapters and ensure that they achieve the targeted results.
  • Give opinion on draft legislations that have financial implications during their approval stage.
  • Give advice to the Chapters in terms of financial matters and any other matters relevant to the tasks of GBD.
  • Present recommendations to the Cabinet on the final financial accounts of all government units before they are approved.
  • Coordinate with the Chapters to respond to the recommendations of the Upper and Lower Houses on Representatives and the Chiefs on the draft General Budget Law and the Draft Government Units' Budget Law.
  • Revising budget allocation requests submitted by all Chapters and recommending decreasing or increasing to ensure their alignment with the public policy of the state and the medium term framework.
  • Request from all Chapters the needed data and information related to goals, programs, projects and activities and their financing.
  • Eliminate unnecessary duplications in the programs and funding among Chapters.
  • Review all programs, projects, and activities requesting budget allocations in order to verify the priorities, feasibility and relevance of their requests.
  • Issue periodic reports on the follow-up and evaluation of Chapter performance indicators and monitor progress in achieving their objectives.
  • Review all documents, correspondences and records of any Chapter (government department or unit) in order to prepare and execute its budget.
  • Review and give opinion on the budgets of all public universities and municipalities as well as any other government entity.
  • Planning and implementing outreach and awareness-raising campaigns targeting citizens and civil society institutions to provide information on the approved budget.

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