Budget in Brief

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The General Budget Department has issued the "Budget in Brief for Fiscal Year 2014" as part of its continuous efforts to make public budget preparation and execution processes in the Kingdom more aligned with international best practices and improve performance, efficiency and effectiveness of public spending.

Through this publication, GBD communicates to all official and local authorities and international stakeholders to inform them of the latest economic and fiscal developments that took place in 2013 as well as the most prominent assumptions, features and estimates of the general budget for the fiscal year 2014. The Department will continue to keep pace with developments in the field of budget formulation and execution methodologies to improve its processes and upgrade its role in the development process and improve the evaluation of the general budget management in the Kingdom by the competent international bodies.

The fourth edition of the "Budget in Brief", which offers a glimpse at the 2014 general budget law, also provides a summary of economic and fiscal performance in 2013, budget milestones and assumptions, macroeconomic projections, updates 14 and the overall economic outlook and most prominent features and developments in the budget 2014. The publication also contains the mechanism and phases of the budget preparation and the timeline for the general budget preparation phases and potential risks that may face the general budget in the medium term.