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In a session held on Wednesday March 19, 2014, the Cabinet approved the Manpower Bylaw for Ministries, Government Departments and Units for the fiscal year 2014.

The Bylaw includes 2,546 new jobs for the current year, and transfers 2,843 contract employees to the civil service system, representing the second batch of employees outside the manpower tables to be transferred upon the Cabinet’s decision to change the status of contract employees to become civil service employees within a three year period.

The Cabinet also stressed that appointment to new or vacant positions at all ministries, government departments and units in 2014 shall only be upon consultation with the General Budget Department to ensure the availability of the necessary financial allocations.

The bylaw includes a new article that provides that “with the exception of the positions of secretary general, governor in the Ministry of Interior, the Companies General Controller, and the Societies Registrar, any high level positions that become vacant shall be cancelled.”