Citizen’s Guide

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The General Budget Department issued the 2014 Citizen’s Guide to the Budget as a step towards realizing its vision of a transparent budget that reinforces the pillars of sustainable development and serves as a leading example of international good practices. The guide supports GBD’s efforts to strengthen communication channels between government and citizens, promote a participatory approach, raise awareness and educate the public about state budget matters.

The fourth edition of the citizen’s guide provides a more transparent account of the size and structure of public revenues and expenditures so that citizens can understand how public financial resources are distributed to all sectors of national economy and key public services such as education and health.

The 2014 citizen’s guide is a concise and user-friendly publication that explains, in simple terms, the 2014 general budget law in a bid to raise public awareness of the elements of the budget in the Kingdom, and apprise citizens of any changes and updates to previous budget laws, and the main features of the 2014 budget. The guide provides an array of information including the definition of the general budget, the main achievements of government in 2013, key economic and fiscal developments of 2013, as well as topics related to government spending and borrowing and the citizens’ role in preserving public property and executing the budget.

Available in Arabic