GBD Honours a Suppliers

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The General Budget Department (GBD) hosted a ceremony to honour a number of the Department’s distinguished suppliers from the private sector for the year 2014. This ceremony stemmed from the GBD’s keenness, interest and belief in the importance of suppliers and their efforts, in addition to embodying the relationship management of suppliers methodology. 

During the ceremony, suppliers were commended for their distinct performance and cooperation in providing top notch products and services of good quality, which meet the requests and needs of the Department. They were also handed certificates and shields at the end of the ceremony.

On this occasion, His Excellency the Director General of the General Budget Department, Dr. Mohammad AlHazaimeh, emphasized the Department’s goal to implement best organizational excellence standards, through communicating with suppliers to organize and build trust relationships with them. He also stressed on the equality and justice standards in creating opportunities, clarity and transparency in setting tenders and contracts while abiding by the laws and bylaws in force.

It is worth noting that a large number of suppliers who represent a large segment of local companies dealing with the GBD attended the ceremony, where they were welcomed and the importance of building successful and sustainable partnerships were highlighted, as well as achieving the transparency and justice principals in dealing with them.