Service Recipients

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In order to pursue the policy of the open door and involve the service recipients in the development and improvement of Department services and determine their impressions on GBD and the most important needs and working to achieve them, as well the emphasis on the transparency principle, GBD held the third meeting of the fifth open meeting in GBD building on Monday, 29/7/2019. His Excellency Acting Director General of the GBD welcomed the honourable guests and pointed out that the aim of meeting with the service recipients is to maintain the communication to achieve cooperation to serve the interests of parties towards improvement and development.

The Acting DG referred to circular of preparation of the Draft General Budget Law, Draft Budgets Law of Government Units and Ministries, Government Departments and Units Draft Manpower Bylaw for the year 2020, emphasizing the need for adhere to the initial ceilings that will be determined for preparation of the draft budget 2020.

The attendances putting forward many comments, inquiries and suggestions aimed at improving the service level provided by the department. During this session, he answered all the questions and queries of the service recipients about the topics taken up. He stressed that the proposals aimed at upgrading the services provided by the department will be taken into consideration.