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Within the framework of GBD participation effort in King Abdullah II Award (KAA) for Government Excellence and Transparency, and in order to develop GBD concept of excellence, promote its performance, and improve the quality and efficiency its services the Department held a workshop on "Discussion of KAA Team Action Plans” on September 22-24, 2011 at the Dead Sea.

The workshop focused on the need for coherence and identifying areas where criteria overlap, which should be addressed through guidance and coordination to identify weaknesses in criteria, and find underlying solutions. KAA criteria action plans are to include clear and precise implementation techniques for teams and GBD staff, with stated responsibilities that ensure superior performance by the Department.

In the closing session, HE Director General, Dr. Ismail Zaghloul, stressed on the need for commitment to recommendations produced during the workshop, accomplishment of approved steps in accordance with a definite timetable, and start the actual implementation of KAA criteria work plans.