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Ministry of Interior in cooperation with GBD held a workshop for administrative governors in the governorates and those concerned with the preparation of governorates’ drafts budgets on explaining the mechanism of governorates’ budgets preparation under the decentralization. The workshop was attended by a number of members of the Executive Committee of Decentralization and senior staff of the Ministry of Interior and GBD.

The Director General of GBD, the Excellency Dr. Mohammad Al-Hazaimeh, introduced during the workshop a clarified presentation and detailed explanation of the mechanism of governorates’ budgets preparation for the year 2018.

His Excellency emphasized that this meeting came to clarify the mechanism of the governorates’ budgets preparation which helps the governorates to prepare their drafts budgets and send them to GBD within specific dates to enable the Department to complete the procedures of preparing the general budget within its the constitutional date, where he illustrated that the preparation phase includes the executive councils in the governorates for preparing the governorates’ drafts budgets and send them to the elected governorates councils for approval and then send them to GBD for listing in the draft general budget law.