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The Director-General Dr. Ismail Zaghloul pointed out that appropriations for females were allocated, for the first time, in the General Budget Law for 2011for all ministries by program.  In addition, payroll costs were identified by gender and job groups for all government ministries and departments.

This came in a speech delivered by His Excellency at the closing ceremony of the first phase of gender-responsive budget proposal on Monday January 31, 2011.  His Excellency stressed that Jordan is one of pioneer countries in adopting gender-responsive budget concept, and working on strengthening and institutionalizing it.  This can be achieved through developing modern budget preparation tools as budget preparation forms started to take into account gender when identifying performance measurement indicators, labor force distribution, key information on each government ministry and department, as well as services delivered by governmental programs.

The ceremony was attended by the Secretary General of the Jordanian National Committee for Woman Affairs as well as representatives of several ministries, official institutions, civil society institutions, private sector institutions, research and studies centers, universities interested with those proposals, and a number of GBD staff.