Circular issued

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  • Public Revenues :5179 Million JDs
  • Public Expenditure: 6239 Million JDs
  • Deficit: 1060 Million JDs

The Official Circular No. 17 for 2010 was issued to prepare the General Budget Draft,  Governmental Units’ Draft Budgets, Manpower Draft Bylaw of Government Ministries and Departments, and Manpower Tables of Governmental Units for fiscal year 2011.

Public revenues for 2011 were estimated at 5179 million dinars, or 24.7% of GDP.  These revenues are divided between 4889 million dinars for domestic revenues and 290 million dinars for foreign grants.  However, public expenditures were estimated at about 6239 million dinars for 2011, or 29.7% of GDP.  Those were divided between 5034 million dinars for current expenditures, and 1205 million dinars for capital expenditures.

The general budget deficit for 2010, after calculating assistance receipt, was estimated at about 1060 million dinars, i.e. 5% of GDP.

The circular highlighted that all line agencies must prepare their budgets for 2011-2013 in detail, and in accordance with the ceilings assigned to them, then submit the same to the General Budget Department, no later than November 11,2010.  All budgets should take into account limited resources, as well as the government's policy adopted to control and ration public spending, and increase its efficiency and productivity when preparing those budgets.  In addition, those budgets should be based on annual action plans derived from their strategies, and formulated in each government ministry/ department/ unit.