The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan General Budget Department
Suggestion and Complaint

"Our slogan is excellence and creativity, our goal is to improve our services, we are proud and happy for your visit to our website. Our pages accommodate to share your distinguished suggestions and ideas with us, which we will be keen to applying them, in accordance with the applied laws and regulations."

(Your suggestions and complaints are welcome and are handled with confidentiality. A reply to a suggestion/ complaint should be received within a maximum of 7 days if the suggestion/ complaint was related to one issue, and a maximum of 14 days if the complaint / suggestion was related to more than one issue).

First: Complaints / suggestions are referred to the Complaints and Suggestions Committee.

Second: The Committee reviews the complaint in coordination with the concerned officers at the Department.

Third: The Committee presents the proposed appropriate procedures to be applied in response to the complaint / suggestion to the Director General for approval and to the planning committee at its first meeting.

Fourth: The Committee reviews the suggestions and complaints record to identify the frequently submitted suggestions /complaints and then submit a report accordingly to the senior management at the end of each year to be reviewed by the Planning Committee Meeting.

Fifth: The Committee’s report serves as input into continuous improvement and simplification of procedures.

Sixth: The Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs contacts the person who filed the suggestion/ complaint to inform them of the result.