The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan General Budget Department
Strategic Objectives updated: 20-12-2017

In light of the Department's efforts to strengthen its strengths, exploit the opportunities, eliminate the weaknesses and avoid the threats contained in SWOT analysis of the internal and external environment, and based on the national objectives that the Department contributes to achieve them, the royal national initiatives, the national strategies and Jordan vision 2025, the executive development program and Jordan economic growth plan.

The following strategic objectives have been formulated for the years 2017-2019 to achieve the vision and mission of the Department in line with the tasks entrusted to it under the Organic Budget Law:-

  1. Contribute in building a stable and sound financial position in the Kingdom
  2. Develop the results-oriented budget approach (ROB), enhance the transparency principles and keeping up with the best practices and international contemporary concepts in budget management
  3. Contribute to the recruitment control, thereby contributing to the efficient use of the financial resources
  4. Enhance the institutional capacities to upgrade the performance level of the department
Latest news: 04/02/2018 Honoring retired employees

GBD holds honoring ceremony for Department’s retired employees

01/02/2018 Budget transparency

Jordan progresses 8 points in the budget transparency standard within the International Open Budget Index Survey of 2017 (OBS)

30/01/2018 Workshop

GBD holds a workshop for its employees on the financial analysis

17/01/2018 Royal Decree

The Issuance of the Royal Decree to approve the General Budget Law and the Government Units Budgets Law for Fiscal Year 2018.

23/11/2017 The Ministers Council

The Ministers Council approves on Draft of the General Budget law and Draft of the Government Units Budgets law for the Fiscal Year 2018

02/10/2017 Circular issued

2018 Draft General Budget Law and Draft Government Units’ Budgets Law Circular issued.

24/09/2017 Governorates councils

Holding meetings with the governorates councils on procedures of the preparation and approval of the governorates budgets for the year 2018.