The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan General Budget Department
National Goals updated: 20-12-2017

General Budget Department seeks to actively contribute in achieving the National Objectives through the following:

  • Achieve sustained growth rates to ensure a good standard of living for all citizens
  • Achieve developmental balance between governorates in light of applying the decentralization approach
  • Maintain the financial and monetary stability, controlling the budget deficit and building an efficient and low-risk financial system
  • Improve the level of services provided to the citizens and justice in their distribution
Latest news: 05/03/2020 The Financial Order

Financial Order Issued No. (2) of 2020

03/02/2020 Royal Decree

The Issuance of the Royal Decree to approve the General Budget Law and the Government Units Budgets Law for the Fiscal Year 2020.

15/01/2020 Financial Order Issued

Financial Order Issued No. (1) of 2020

07/10/2019 Circular issued

Budget Circular No. (18) of 2019 issued

07/10/2019 Financial Order

Financial Order Issued No. (5) of 2019

29/07/2019 Training workshop

The third training workshop on the governorates budgets preparation for 2020

29/07/2019 Service Recipients

The third meeting of the 5th open meeting with the service recipients