The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan General Budget Department
Establishment and Development of the General Budget Department

The responsibility for preparing the General Budget of Jordan before the issuance of the Organic Budget Law No. (39) of 1962, as amended, 1962, was part of the duties of the Ministry of Finance through the General Budget Section which was directly reporting to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance.

In 1960, a royal committee was formed to review the financial Laws and Regulations enforced, mainly those related to the General Budget and the accounts relevant thereto. The said committee studied the General Budget preparation and classification methods, and identified the most prominent weaknesses therein.

In 1962, a special financial committee was formed, which drew up the draft Organic Budget Law No. (39) of 1962. The Law entered into force on 16/10/1962, and under which the General Budget Department (GBD) was established to be managed by a Director General reporting to the Minister of Finance.

As of the fiscal year 1963/1964, the General Budget Department has been preparing the general budget laws, and continued to introduce improvements to General Budget preparation and expenditure and revenue classification methods.

In 2008, the Organic Budget Law No.(58) of 2008 was approved, signaling a new phase of improvements and modernization for the general budget, as the Medium Term Fiscal Framework (MTFF) was adopted, and the needed infrastructure to enable the rollout of the Results Oriented Budgeting (ROB) in all ministries and government departments and units was established.

Latest news: 04/02/2018 Honoring retired employees

GBD holds honoring ceremony for Department’s retired employees

01/02/2018 Budget transparency

Jordan progresses 8 points in the budget transparency standard within the International Open Budget Index Survey of 2017 (OBS)

30/01/2018 Workshop

GBD holds a workshop for its employees on the financial analysis

17/01/2018 Royal Decree

The Issuance of the Royal Decree to approve the General Budget Law and the Government Units Budgets Law for Fiscal Year 2018.

23/11/2017 The Ministers Council

The Ministers Council approves on Draft of the General Budget law and Draft of the Government Units Budgets law for the Fiscal Year 2018

02/10/2017 Circular issued

2018 Draft General Budget Law and Draft Government Units’ Budgets Law Circular issued.

24/09/2017 Governorates councils

Holding meetings with the governorates councils on procedures of the preparation and approval of the governorates budgets for the year 2018.