The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan General Budget Department
04/02/2018 Honoring retired employees

GBD holds honoring ceremony for Department’s retired employees

01/02/2018 Budget transparency

Jordan progresses 8 points in the budget transparency standard within the International Open Budget Index Survey of 2017 (OBS)

30/01/2018 Workshop

GBD holds a workshop for its employees on the financial analysis

17/01/2018 Royal Decree

The Issuance of the Royal Decree to approve the General Budget Law and the Government Units Budgets Law for Fiscal Year 2018.

23/11/2017 The Ministers Council

The Ministers Council approves on Draft of the General Budget law and Draft of the Government Units Budgets law for the Fiscal Year 2018

02/10/2017 Circular issued

2018 Draft General Budget Law and Draft Government Units’ Budgets Law Circular issued.

24/09/2017 Governorates councils

Holding meetings with the governorates councils on procedures of the preparation and approval of the governorates budgets for the year 2018.

10/08/2017 Workshop

Holding workshops for the governorates on procedures of preparing the governorates budgets for 2018

02/08/2017 Workshop

GBD holds a workshop for its staff on reviewing and analyzing the key performance indicators (KPIs)

01/08/2017 Liaison officers with the governorates

GBD holds a meeting for its staff designated with the task of liaison officers with the governorates.

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